Helen Highwater Stringband

  • Helen Highwater Stringband Photo by Scott Simontacchi
  • Missy Raines – Bass and vocals
  • Mike Compton – Mandolin and vocals
  • David Grier – Guitar and vocals
  • Shad Cobb – Fiddle and vocals

It was just another night in Nashville: four friends- revered acoustic musicians-getting together in a living room. The music bounced, danced, gathered strength, and lifted them in a way that only happens with the right players. So, they formed a band and named it Helen Highwater – the tough, whimsical goddess of string band music.

Cobb, Compton, Grier and Raines. Musicians who play with precision and exquisite synchronization. Singing around one microphone, their music is immaculately quantized, yet incredibly human, like a heart. Everything about stringband timing is wrapped up in that relaxed, tick-tock rock-steady beat and there’s nobody better in the world than these veterans.” – Music City Roots

For Helen Highwater Stringband Bookings:

Jim Roe – Roe Entertainment

email- jim@roeentertainment.com


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HelenHighwaterStringBand

Twitter – https://twitter.com/helenhghwatersb


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