The New Hip June Newsletter

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We had a fantastic Big Sky Tour in May and have had a chance to catch our collective breaths and are looking forward to our next adventures.
Special, special thanks go to Glenn Bradford, Bradford & Franzke Fret Shop, Leo EiltsDan Sadowsky, Phyllis Erck, Ed Kemmick, Wes HortonJohn Lowell and Joanne Gardner, and Larry, Don, and all the folks at The Confluence who, along with their families, made such a difference for us on our journey. They housed us, fed us, made us laugh, promoted us, and generally lifted us up with their kindness…all for the love of music and community.  We couldn’t have done it without you oh ‘Angels of the Road’!  Check out my blog to see photos from the tour.

Nashville Peeps…Coming up this month The New Hip will be at the Station Inn on Wednesday, June 8th with the fantastic acoustic trio, Quiles & Cloud.  9pm showtime and tickets are only $15 at the door.

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